Halifax Magazine, September 2016: A New Spin on Beer/ The Halifax Magazine Beer Guide

Halifax Magazine's editor, Trevor, and I love craft beer. When I first started working at the magazine it was one of the first things we talked about. We created a craft beer package that offers useful advice on what to drink from people who really know their beer: beer reviewers, bartenders, and brewers. Here's what we [...]

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Halifaxmag.com, June 2016: Slow ride: The wait for affordable bus passes is almost over

Bylaw U-100 unanimously passed its second reading today, meaning Halifax will soon start the low income transit pass pilot project first proposed in 2013. A 2014 staff report described a six-month pilot program offering 500 passes available for $39 each, which is in line with similar programs in other cities. Participants would be HRM residents [...]

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Halifax Magazine, June 2016: Atlantic seafood gets a fresh twist at Shuck

Photo: Kim Hart Macneill Behind the bar at Shuck, Chef Luis Clavel quickly tosses shallots, spices, and red wine vinegar into a bowl. Then he lifts a bulky metal cylinder covered with warning stickers onto the bar. “Liquid nitrogen,” he grins. As the liquid nitrogen hits the ingredients, a cold fog boils out [...]

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Halifax Magazine, June 2016: For writer Jon Tattrie, art imitates life

The first question readers ask Jon Tattrie about his latest novel is which character he is: free-spirited and destructive Cain or stay-at-home dad Romeo. His answer is always neither, but decades after first writing Limerence, he says his life reflects a lot of what they learned in the story. “When you see men portrayed on [...]

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Halifaxmag.com, May 2016: Kyle Jackson named Canadian Museum of Immigration artist in residence

As  most of her passengers slept in their berths, RMS Empress of Ireland collided with another ship in the fog on May 29, 1914. The ocean liner sunk in just 15 minutes, taking with it 1,012 of the 1,477 passengers and crew aboard. Though it’s Canada’s largest peacetime maritime accident, many people are unaware of [...]

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Halifax Magazine, May 2016: Dartmouth’s Nine Locks Brewing is off to a strong start

Dartmouth’s newest brewery opened on Leap Day with 20 barrels, and weeks later the team at Nine Locks was already on the hunt for more tanks to increase brewing capacity. “We don’t want to disappoint people when they can’t get their beer,” says co-owner Danny O’Hearn. The brewery’s regular offerings are Extra Special Bitter, IPA, [...]

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Halifax Magazine, April 2016: Contra dancers keep old traditions alive in Halifax

Photo: Tammy Fancy/fancyfreetfoto.com Dancers ranging from age 20 to 60 practice their steps tentatively when caller Tyler Hall asks, “Music?” The crowd shouts back an enthusiastic “Yes.” The band starts up a traditional Irish number, “The Waves of Tory,” but that’s about the only traditional thing about the Halifax Contra Dancers. Contra dancing [...]

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Halifaxmag.com, April 2016: Playwright Michael Melski debuts Creepy and Little Manson with Eastern Front Theatre

Photo: Kim Hart Macneill Playwright and director Michael Melski  is back on the stage in Halifax this week with his latest work Creepy and Little Manson. The play explores the real-life relationship between Charles Manson and legendary gangster Alvin "Creepy" Karpis. The two formed a relationship over guitar lessons during Manson's second stint in jail, before the [...]

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