Jack Syperek (bass), Colin MacDonald (lead vocal, guitar), John-Angus MacDonald (lead guitar), Gavin Maguire (drums). Photo: David Krovblit

The Trews wind down their national tour in Halifax at The Marquee Ballroom on Dec. 16 and 17. It’ll be the rock band’s last stop for the year after touring almost constantly since early 2016.

Colin MacDonald, lead singer, says the foursome looks forward to returning to Halifax for the first time in two years. He remembers the city as the site of the band’s first “big” show.

The then high-school students traveled to the city to play as One Eyed Trouser at the Economy Shoe Shop, owned by bassist Jack Syperek’s father, Victor.

“We packed the place with a bunch of Antigonishers, Vic’s friends, and Patrick Pentland from Sloan came,” says Colin. “We were so star struck. He told [lead guitar] John-Angus [MacDonald] that he wished he could play guitar as well as him when he was our age. We were all blown away.” The next time the band saw such a crowd would be when they became The Trews in the early 2000s.

These days the powerhouse rock band has no problem drawing a crowd.

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