Project Description

Beer guide from Halifax Magazine, September 2016

Brewmaster Kellye Robertson on carving out her niche in Nova Scotia’s beer scene and the first Halifax Magazine beer guide

Halifax Magazine’s editor, Trevor, and I love craft beer. When I first started working at the magazine it was one of the first things we talked about. For the first Halifax Magazine Beer Guide, we created a package that offers useful advice on what to drink from people who really know their beer: beer reviewers, bartenders, and brewers.

Here’s what we came out with:

A new spin on beer – Spindrift’s Kellye Robertson produces beer that stands out from pack

Must-try beers: Bluenose best – Our province boasts the most breweries per capita in the country, according to Statistics Canada (2015). Here are our picks for must-try brews from outside Halifax

Must-try beers: Halifax essentials – Home to more than 10 breweries, three specialty liquor stores, and numerous beer bars, Halifax is the perfect spot for craft beer lovers

Must try beers: fall edition – Brewers launch new beers and bring back some seasonal favourites

Must-try beers: Beers you might have missed – The beer scene in this neck of the woods grows so fast that you’ll miss something great if you rest. Here’s a mix of old favourites and new creations you should seek out.

Must-try beers: True patriot love – Selection varies from week to week, but you’ll often find these cross-Canada classics at Halifax’s private liquor stores. Snag them when you see them

Must-try beers: Road trippin’ – Get a designated driver and hit the road to explore these well-worth-the-trip Nova Scotian beer destinations.

Must-try ciders – Some folks will tell you cider isn’t really beer. Those people are mirthless curmudgeons; avoid them and enjoy your cider.

Must-try beers: International appeal – Craft beer fans worldwide know these must-try beers. Find them at private liquor stores around Halifax.

Must-try beers: For noobs – Your dad says he doesn’t like craft beer. Pour one of these to prove him wrong.