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When Chris Downey opened The Harbour Brewing Company in Musquodoboit Harbour, about a 30-minute drive east of downtown Dartmouth, he didn’t realize he’d do as much beer education as brewing.

“So how can I take a few pints of this home with me?” asks a customer looking around the small brewery. He’s not what you’d picture as the typical Halifax craft-beer drinker: white haired wearing a crisp short-sleeved dress shirt, and a hearing aid. Before today, he didn’t care where his beer was brewed; he’s here because he wants to support a new business in his community.

Andrew Young, Downey’s friend and righthand man, is working the taps and doesn’t miss a beat. Within seconds he has a growler in each hand, explaining that you buy the growler, fill it, drink the beer, rinse it, and fill it again. The man smiles when Young tells him he can fill the growler at other breweries. “I could get used to this craft-beer thing,” he says, leaving with his first growler.

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