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Like the author of this graphic novel, I spent a lot of time playing in photobooths as a teenager. No trip to the mall was complete unless it was commemorated with a slightly sticky, chemical-smelling strip of four black and white images. But unlike me, Meags Fitzgerald cultivated her love for photobooths as she grew up and transformed it from a teenage crush into a calling and, perhaps, even her one true love.

The subtitle, A Biography, is misleading, as this graphic novel offers so much more. It is in equal measures a history of the booth in the Western world, the people behind its invention and evolution, and the author’s personal travelogue and autobiography. Across its three parts, the books slips back and forth in time and in story, chronicling the evolution of the booth and Fitzgerald, as a woman and an artist. This convention could be jarring in other writing styles, but as a graphic novel it works well and avoids overloading the reader with too many technical details about photobooths all at once.

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