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When it came time for Side Door co-founder Laura Simpson to hire a coder, the issue wasn’t simply that she couldn’t find a candidate with the right fit locally, she couldn’t find anyone. The Halifax-based startup’s online platform matches entertainers with hosts to produce concerts in intimate venues, and handles ticketing and payouts.

“We were having trouble finding people around here,” says Simpson. “It’s really hard to draw people away from their hometown. I think we have to be a bit bigger and they have to be at a point in their lives where they can move.”

She posted the job on Angel List, a U.S.-based website connecting startups and tech job seekers, with a focus on remote workers. Relatively quickly, Simpson hired a coder in Atlanta, Georgia. “When you’re a startup, hiring in general is a challenge,” she says. “You never have enough time or money to do anything so you’re just looking for the quickest best solution.”

Canada’s in a labour shortage that’s poised to keep growing as more baby boomers retire than there are job seekers to take their seats. The tech sector is particularly hard hit as established brick and mortar companies seek coders, programmers and developers to automate traditional systems.

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